Bahrain and Morocco sign an agreement on renewable energy

The Kingdom of Bahrain and Morocco have signed a memorandum of cooperation on renewable energy. Bahrain’s Minister for Electricity and Water Affairs, Wael bin Nasser Al-Mubarak, and Morocco’s Minister for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Dr. Leila Benali, signed the agreement in the presence of Bahrain’s Chief Executive Officer of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), Shaikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, and the Moroccan Ambassador to Bahrain.

Bahrain and Morocco sign an agreement on renewable energyBased on their shared development visions, the two countries will enhance their cooperation in renewable energy. The two nations will cooperate on a range of renewable energy initiatives through the memorandum, including conducting studies on ways to boost the sectors. Along with co-investments in renewable energy, expertise exchanges in solar and other renewable energy projects, and cooperation in capacity-building programmes, the agreement encourages joint investments in renewable energy.